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Artist Statement


I explore places where I find peace and harmony aiming to translate them into a special place where chaos does not exist. Spaces where people can escape their reality through my vision. A vision that has as a sole purpose the awakening of your deepest emotions, your deepest dimensions, your inner soul. The Mermaid is my signature, my own reflection. To me Art is a form of revelation.






Born in Mexico City from an artistic family, Mariana developed since childhood the love for the fine arts. Her mother, a professional pianist and painter was the most influential person in her life. Mariana studied Graphic Design in the prestigious Universidad Iberoamericana where she acquired techniques and an educated appreciation for painting. These appreciation later on would become pillar in transforming and transporting her senses into a surreal world amalgamating vivid colors with oil and canvas, explosions of energy and optimisms. Her distinctive signature, Sirens bring to us a world of mysticism and unparallel fantasy.  


Great personalities of different media own work of his authorship, to mention some: Horacio Franco, Mexican flautist recognized as one of the best in the world; Raymundo Collins, former director of CEDA, former sub-secretary of the SSP and current director of INVI; José Gordon, Mexican journalist and writer creator of Imaginantes and owner of the eleven channel electric sheep program; General Andriano, recognized military officer of the National Army; the writer Paco Ignacio Taibo II, the renowned actress and singer Dulce María, among others.

Mariana has made exhibitions in recognized places in the CDMX, such as the Museum of the site of the Desert of the Lions, El Batán, former home of Dolores Olmedo, and abroad as San Antonio and Houston TX, Los Angeles CA and Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Mariana Tapia has received numerous recognitions: Grafica de Oro Prize, Circulo Nacional de Periodistas Prize, Las Palmas de Oro 2009 Prize.


She has been exhibiting her work at different expositions in Mexico City, San Antonio TX, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Coral Gables FL, Spain, Punta del Este Uruguay to mention a few. Also she was the representative of the category of plastic arts into the Museo de la Cuidad de Mexico special event called Las Tres Gracias, performing with great flutist Horacio Franco and writer Paco Ignacio Taibo II.


In 2009 she was awarded the Las Palmas de Oro Prize for being considered among the twenty most influential personalities into the Mexican Contemporary world of Art.


In March 2010 she received a recognition for her work in the Festival de Musica y Poesia de Primavera, event hold in the Museo de la Cuidad de Mexico.


In 2010 she was awarded the Woman of the Year Award in the category of Excellence in Arts, award given by the CANADEM, a pro womens nonprofit organization.


In 2011 she was part of the group show "Factory of Dreams" at the Centro Cultural San Angel. The sponsors of this exhibition were  Jose Luis Cuevas and Leonardo Nierman.


In 2013 conducted a multidisciplinary art exhibition in  the most important museum in Mexico: NATIONAL ART MUSEUM (MUNAL) was named "Discovery of New Worlds"


In 2014 she received the recognition “Alex Soria” by the CEAPRAJ fraternity in the National Congress of Leaders 2014 ceremony held in the Grand Lodge Valle de Mexico.

In the same year, he made two exhibitions in the Superior Court of the Federal District, in two different locations of this important site.

In 2015 conducted a solo exhibition at the Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe call. "Doors of Light: the Secret of a Mermaid"

She was a distinguished guest at Spiral Art and Culture Forum at the University of Guanajuato. Her pictorial exhibition presented as part of the Circuit of Art.

In May, she received the all-important recognition Excelsis International Award for Quality and Excellence, awarded by the Global Quality Foundation.

At the end of the year he participated in the exhibition " Women Empowerment " held in the Senate of the Mexican Republic, where she also received the recognition " Woman of Power Fraternity CEAPRAJ " by Senator Martha Tagle and Fraternity CEAPRAJ .

In 2016 she participated in the collective exhibition "Life through Art" at the Centro Culltural San Ángel

She received the prestigious "Gaviota Award" for her outstanding career in Art.

She participated in the collective "Febrile Encounter" with first class artists that is still in progress, having been presented in places such as the Álvaro Obregón Culture Path, Nuevo León Cultural Path, in prestigious places at Polanco, among others.

In 2017 Mariana present the individual exhibition "Thresholds" at the Casa Quimera Gallery.

Later she was part of the exhibition "Introspection" at the 101 Art Gallery in Polanco.

She has participated in various exhibitions in the city of Puebla, in important places such as the Jenkins Pinacoteca, the Culltural Mizrahi Center and some more.

She is currently part of the permanent artists in the prestigious Yuri López Kullins Gallery, based in CDMX and in Madrid.




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